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About us

The main aims of the Poverello Foundation

- Charitable (humanitarian) activities - especially for child protection
- The promotion of Franciscan spirituality.
- Activities for the protection of the Created world (environmental protection).
- The reconciliation between people, and the promotion of ecumenism.

Saint Francis of Assisi - our inspiration

The Poverello Foundation came into being on the initiative of the Franciscans in 2004. St. Francis of Assisi's fellowmen and historians called him Poverello, which means "poor creature" in Italian. One of the main goals of St. Francis was to live the evangelistic life of poor and share the faith of the indigent:" We have to be glad to be among the needy and despicable, witless and poor, sick, lepers and wretched beggars" (the unrecognized Canon 9.2). He considered it substantial as "Even Our Lord became poor for us in this world" (recognized Canon 6.3). The ideal of the "Poverello of Assisi" has inspired many for more than eight centuries. The main reason for this lays in the liturgy of his Transitus, as "the poor and humble Francisco enters heaven rich." According to the evangelistic interpretation this means that his attitude towards wealth was not to collect for himself but to "enrich toward God" (Luke 12. 21). Believers and non believers know by experience very well that the good deeds are the basis of the human fulfilment and happiness. Only those can achieve self-accomplishment who can turn to others as well. There is no "I" without "you". If I cannot make others happy I cannot be happy either. It takes quite an effort to recognize and accept this way, but without stepping on this path one cannot reach his aim.

The Poverello Foundation counts on those who want to follow the path of happiness by helping others, as they know it does not come from the outside, but the issues of inside make them happy- the love of a warm heart.
We claim it is our firm conviction; there is no such man who could not give something to others.

Our Lurkó houses in the atmosphere of love host children living in difficult family situations. In our houses which operate as day-care centers the educators and the volunteers help the children to catch up in studying, learning, integration. For the children we ensure food (at least one hot meal each day), clothing and personal hygiene. We try to stimulate the development of their skills by creative workshops.

Board of directors:

A kuratórium elnöke:
President of the Foundation:prof. dr. Sörös László
Boja András - Csiszár Molnár Anna -
Sági Varga Kinga - Szmieskó Magdolna -
Szûcs Anna - Veréb Miskolczi Zsófia

Founder and director: dr. Harmath Károly OFM

How can you help?

Each man has skills, talents, gifts. As we contemplate on life we find out that it was all given as a present, because we were not asked about anything prior
to our birth. An isolated flower by itself cannot make a garden. Only flowers of different kind together can create a beautiful sight.

You can help:
Donating material possessions - owing to our given competences we are capable of producing material goods, and you want to share it with others,
Donating food or property (e.g. furniture, kitchen accessories, leftovers of building materials, abandoned field, ranch, building)
Donating usable goods which will be share with those who are in need
Donating your work if you are able to help in our Lurkó house sas a teacher or educator
Donating manual labour by maintenance work
Donating your abilities (if you are a doctor or social worker you can help us within your own profession)
Donating your time to lead local Poverello groups
Donating a prayer for the fulfilment of the aims of the Foundation.
Many people have need for a lot of help. So many people, so many needs. If you have ideas and concepts, please share it with us. Contact your nearest Lurkó house
leader or our center. If you have any question feel free to ask. Why cannot you be a member in the team of happy benefactor people?

We always count on your application, voluntary work, advice and support.

Together for each other - because we are capable of it!
Together for each other - because they have something to share with others!
Together for each other - because we are capable of it!
Together for each other – because the open-handed, loving heart offers help!
Together for each other – because many a little makes a mickle.
Together for each other – because we do not expect great miracles, we know that there is no greater miracle by donating love.

Our children in 'Lurko'-houses are hoping for nicer future thanks to your donations.

We can achive our aims only with Your support. Be part of our team. Donate us because the love is the most fructuose investition.

On this earth there is no greater force than love.